Coffee Grounds Project  is an artistic project, a blog, a virtual cafè,
a place where you can tell your story and connect to others. 


Going for a coffee with friends:
a simple but meaningful gesture.

Over a cup of coffee, in the intimacy of our table, we talked about ourselves, we listened, we laughed, maybe we even got angry while we were thinking about some injustice we had suffered. Inspired by all those ‘abandoned’ or ‘pending’ stories silently waiting somewhere in the back of your mind, we want to hear them and give them colour, shape, and voice.

Whether they are stories of struggles, goals, dreams, they will come to life through the expressive means of two artistic languages at the service of the community.

Meet The Team

Silvia pellegrino

Co-founder, writer & copywriter

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Silvia is an Italian writer, born, bred and buttered in Rome and currently based in London. She has been keen on writing ever since she was knee-high to a grasshopper and started to compose poems at the age of ten. 
Growing up in a matriarchal family, she developed an interest in the controversial female universe, which has inspired her book of short stories 'The spoons tales'.
Still in progress, the latter tells about women, investigating different topics: from sexuality to their relationship with their bodies; from love to death. Passionate about both literature and cinema, she wrote the script of the video-poetry short movie 'The Molluscs Revenge', directed and produced by the video production company @studio_capta, in 2020.
She identifies in video-art and video-poetry the perfect content container where to bring together different languages, perceived as an analysis-interpretative instrument that reifies the different artistic sensibilities, transforming them into poetic images.
She also collaborated with the national online newspaper @larepubblica and the magazine @sentieriselvaggi writing several articles and film reviews from 2012 until 2016.
In 2020, her short story 'An Italian werewolf in London' was one of the winners of the writing contest @IRSE RaccontaEstero.
silvia pellegrino

Simona De Leo

Co-founder, illustrator & designer

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Simona is an Italian freelance illustrator based in London.
Being originally from Puglia, the Heel of Italy, she's in love with the sun and the sea, which she really misses sometimes, and recalls their beauty in her illustrations with an energetic use of yellow and turquoise.
Working with both digital and classic watercolour techniques, she likes to combine the two and develop a unique and fresh style.
She likes to illustrate subjects that make her feel good and to communicate this feeling to those who look at her illustrations. Her characters are daydreaming, enjoying the moment, feeling good about themselves — as will be anyone who looks at her illustrations.
She loves to illustrate everything connected to women empowerment, gender equality, diversity, but also capturing the essence of music, which she loves listening to live in tiny hidden music venues around London.
When Simona is not working you can find her there, with a sketchbook and some dancing shoes. In fact, her passion for jazz and swing dance gives a touch of vintage flavour to her colour palette and style.
She is globally represented by @illoagency and a proud member of @thewomenwhodraw@cluster_illustration and @theaoi all of which promote diversity, equality and community.



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