adam davies

I’m an illustrator based in South London. I love working with textures and light, whether that's with collage, pencil or digital. I spend most days exploring subject to use in my work and I always keep a sketch pad with me just in case I need to get an idea down!
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Meet adam

• What would you be if you were: An animal, a song, a poem, a colour, a flavour?
I have been described as an otter before…. I think they’re pretty majestic animals and apparently, they hold onto other otters' feet in the water if they’re napping. A song? Probably something funky, with a beat. Too many favs to choose from. I’ve always loved Keats, I don’t think I could ever compare myself to any of his poems though...
• Can you describe in a few words your creative process?
Trade secrets! I generally will sketch up the design I’m after and scan it into photoshop. I then like to use as minimal a colour palette as possible to really play with the textures (well recently!). I then scan textures and play around with them for depth, shadow and light effects. 
• What is your favourite subject matter to illustrate/ write about?
I can’t say I write a great deal! Mainly just notes of ideas for artwork! Definitely open to the idea of doing a little bit of poetry though! Always considered going in literature
• What keeps you inspired and motivated?
Anything and everything! I definitely get driven by other illustrators but I think inspiration comes in waves… From a film, a song, maybe a poster I’ve come across. Nature, the human figure and composition are something I’m always on the look out for…. I’ve recently compiled some screen shots of my favourite compositions of films/tv shows I’ve watching, very useful! 
• How do you think projects like Coffee Grounds can make a difference?
I think it can bring creatives together on a mutually integral level. I loved the idea of illustrating a poem. The fact that the poet assembles words which may seem entirely abstract or diverse to an artist is really exciting. There’s an appreciation for the fact that everyone has their own way of thinking… There are also some really key and important topics covered by Coffee Grounds in regards to self-love, gender equality, poverty and so many more crucial stories. 

My illustration

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