Daniele Brusca

Hello! My name is Daniele and I am an Art Director from Rome, Italy.
Right now I live in France with my family: a human being like me, and a dog being called Bubba.
I design and create from my home studio in Rennes.
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Meet Daniele

• What would you be if you were: An animal, a song, a poem, a colour, a flavour?
In order: A dog, Come together, “Er cavajere bianco e er cavajere nero”, green, spicy
• Can you describe in a few words your creative process?
80% research of perfection
19% accept the imperfection
• What is your favourite subject matter to illustrate/ write about?
I love to work with musicians
• What keeps you inspired and motivated?
Other works, music, to listen to people stories, and coffee of course.
• How do you think projects like Coffee Grounds can make a difference?
At certain bars, there's a tradition to get one coffee and pay for two.
The second is for someone who can't pay for it. Coffee Grounds is one of these bars.

My illustration

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