time is a game

Every day is an adventure, 
a journey, a metamorphosis. 
Live your life to the fullest, 
don’t let it fade away. 
Because time is just an illusion, 
soon it will fly away, 
leaving us with a sense of bitterness, 
a sweet bitterness. 
While we are walking it runs fast, 
throwing us into the future, 
and suddenly our present becomes the past. 
Months seem like instants, 
years seem like weeks. 
Cruel, it has a swift hand, 
the moments it steals will never come back. 
First it gives, 
then it takes. 
It is our impetuous deliverer of pain. 
Our sweet conveyer of happiness, 
warming our hearts with beautiful memories. 
Time is a game, 
one we are fated to lose.
Every month we use your donation to pay our collaborators: writers and illustrators, to support WOW (Women Of the World foundation) charity, and a small percentage is re invested in the project itself
The writers

Sumandip Kaur &

Silvia Cristofari 

Sumandip and Silvia are two young women passionate about writing, who are about to finish their last year at high school. One is determined and unpredictable, the other is shy and pragmatic. Despite their young age, they have reflected on the perception of time and how our relationships change with it.
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The illustrator

Marina Araújo

I’m Marina, a 27-year-old graphic designer and illustrator from Brazil. My work is a collection of things that are dear to me - plants, portraits, women, relationships and fantasy, which I’ll mix with bright colors and dynamic compositions...
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